Malta Enterprise

Malta Enterprise is Malta’s economic development agency, tasked with attracting new foreign direct investment as well as facilitating the growth of the local and existing operations.

During the pandemic, ME has been managing the majority of the Government’s aid packages aiming to assist businesses in this time of need, with schemes such as the Wage Supplement, Quarantine Leave, Teleworking Scheme, Rent and Electricity Refund Schemes, among others. 

ME also offers a wide range of schemes to support various business stages whether they are starting up, growing, transforming towards digitalisation and sustainable processes and embarking on new investments. 

ME acts as an adviser to government on economic policy due to its close and constant interaction with the main economic players in the country. 

ME is also the national contact point for the Enterprise Europe Network through which companies based in Malta can develop links with counterparts in over 60 other countries.

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Business 1st

Business 1st, the one-stop-shop for businesses, is a joint venture between Malta Enterprise and the Malta Chamber of SMEs.  It was specifically set up to  facilitate the establishment, running and development of local businesses.

Business 1st has become the hub for SMEs as it offers a wide scope of services from its office in Mriehel.  Business 1st staff also provide the necessary information on the regulatory framework and support on Government incentives for the promotion of business growth and expansion.

Business 1st is also Malta’s ​Points of Single Contact (PSC) as established by Services Directive 2006/123/EC; consequently its website provides links to relevant authorities’ webpages for services provided by Government authorities to businesses.  Such links contain information regarding specific procedures, legislation, application forms and contact details of the relevant competent authorities.

Business 1st has acquired the Quality Award for its high quality service. This is monitored annually in order to maintain its high level.

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The Malta Chamber

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry is the independent voice of the private sector in Malta. Its principal mission is to actively represent companies from all economic sectors and ensure that entrepreneurs enjoy the best competitive environment and regulatory conditions possible for the conduct of business.

The Chamber constantly champions the need for competitiveness enhancing measures with the pertinent authorities in Malta as well as in Brussels. For the purposes of delivering on its mission, it has a well-resourced in-house policy department that engages in desk research which complements feedback generated through its internal network of vertical and horizontal policy committees for the production of policy position papers.

The Chamber is the longest established Social Partner in Malta – having been established in 1848. It is the only Employer organisation that is recognised by the Laws of Malta (Commercial Code Cap 13). As a result of its merger with the FOI in 2009, it is also the strongest represented Employer body on such national boards as the MCESD, ERB, ME, MEUSAC and others.

Housed within its historic Exchange Buildings in Valletta, the Chamber serves as a natural home for SMEs and large enterprises alike and across all business sectors. Through its active internal structures, the Chamber enables effective communication across all stakeholders as well as ensuring a series of value-added services to business not least in the field of internationalisation.

The Chamber is affiliated to Eurochambres and BusinessEurope. It is also part of the Enterprise Europe Network which enables it to offer practical value-added services to members and clients through the support of around 600 business support organisations from more than 64 countries, with the principal aim of helping small companies seize the unparalleled business opportunities in the EU Single Market.

The Malta Chamber is certified by the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority to comply with the requirements of MSA ISO 9001:2015

More information may be found here: The Malta Chamber: The Voice of Business

Malta Chamber of SMEs


The Malta Chamber of SMEs (formerly GRTU – General Retailers and Traders Union – Association of General Retailers and Traders) – is Malta’s national organisation of independent private businesses. With over 7,000 members coming from 12,000 different business outlets, the SME Chamber represents the largest group of retailers of goods and services, contractors, distributors, wholesalers and independent technical and professional services.

The Malta Chamber of SMEs represents Maltese traders and retailers on various national fora including the Malta Council for Economic Development (MCESD),the Planning Authority, the Advisory Board of the National Organisation, the Fruit and

Vegetables Board, the Commission for the Self Employed, the Council for Consumer Affairs, the Traffic Control Board, Malta Enterprise and the Malta Development Bank.

SME Chamber policies have always been geared towards the fostering of private venture and the advancement of small and medium-sized owner managed enterprises. The SME Chamber believes that greater prosperity is within reach if commercial principles and practices rather than political ideology were to guide economic policy-making. The SME Chamber is subsidiary and a partner of Green MT, WEEE Malta Limited, Malta Energy Limited and Business first.


Richmond Foundation

Richmond Foundation was founded on 13th May 1993 and is a non-governmental, non-profit making organisation working in the field of mental health and the only one of its kind in Malta. Richmond Foundation provides community services for persons with mental health difficulties, is involved in the promotion of mental health and the prevention of mental illness amongst the general public. It strives to combat stigma and increase awareness on the subject through the local media. The Foundation actively participates in regional and international events where it has the opportunity to increase its knowledge, expand its network, shares its views and heighten its profile and reputation.

Services offered by the Foundation include: a rehabilitation facility, a programme for children with challenging behaviour, male and female hostels, a female group home, a Supportive Housing Scheme, a Home Support Service, a Staff and Organisation Support Programme, a Psychological Support Service and a Training and Development Unit. The Foundation has also taken on various initiatives such as Self-Help Groups, research and training.

Richmond operates two 24/7 mental health help channels: Freephone 1770 and OLLI Chat.

Richmond Foundation is registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations (VO/0017) in terms of article 3 of the Voluntary Organisations Act, 2007 and Operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of SM EN ISO 9001 : 2015.